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BLIZZCON PLAYER - Atiesh - 4x Realm Firsts!

BLIZZCON PLAYER - Atiesh - 4x Realm Firsts!

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- ALL Legion Elite sets
- Shaman Mage Tower set
- Full Shaman T3 set
- MOP Challenge mode set (earner)
- ALL shadowlands elite sets
- Dark iron shaman set from siege of orgrimmar
- Replica warlord set which was also acquired in vanilla but still obtainable through 2400 in RBG.
- All ToV sets from legion
- All classic tier sets like ten storms
- 3k rating in Shadowlands season 1
- Vindictive Gladiator R1 title, remains forever
- Ferocious Gladiator R1 title, remains forever (The most attractive title in the game)
- Wrathful tabard in bag equipped
- The shaman is also earner of Glorious Tyranny and Demonic Tyranny

Shaman has been raiding world first in guilds like Ensidia, Envy, Black Division and Scrubbusters. Meaning it has been in World First races in several tiers.

[Realm First! Obsidian Slayer]
[Realm First! Celestial Defender]
[Realm First! Death's Demise]
[Realm First! Grand Crusader]

Several Cutting Edge Achievements

Shaman has completed the WHOLE scarab lord questline before the scarab lord even started, however did miss the mount. The feath of strengths is still there and the items you can no longer obtain are still in the bank.

Earner of Black and Plagued Proto Drake, so The Undying and The Immortal titles will follow the Shaman aswell as all the realm first titles and ALL the ulduar titles, such as Herald of the Titans and Conquerer of Ulduar.

The Shaman has an insane amount of unobtainable items that can be found in bags, bank & storages etc.

FULL Warrior T3
Tyrannical Tabard Transmogged
ALL WoD Weapons Transmogged
ALL Wotlk Weapons Transmogged, no longer obtainable
Elite Weapons from Cata/Wotlk that are extremly rare
ALL Plate Elite sets from Shadowlands and all illusions


Atiesh Staff - EXTREMLY RARE
Various Naxx 40 items
Priest legion elite sets
Warlock on the account that is earner of Herald of the Titans
Warlock FULL S9 Ruthless, FULL S10 Cataclysmic, FULL S11 Malovelent, FULL Tyrannical S11 Elite set
Warlock ALL Legion Elite sets
WOTLK Elite weapons
Full Warlock T3

Challenge Mode sets for:

- Death Knight
- Mage
- Hunter
- Warlock
- Priest

Gladiator drakes on Feast of Strenght Achievements:

Vindictive (Still on Account)
Ferocious (Still on Account)
Sinful (Still on Account)


Swift Spectral Tiger (TCG)
Ferocious Gladiator's Storm Dragon (Legion Gladiator)
Vindictive Gladiator's Storm Dragon (Legion Gladiator)
Sinful Gladiator's Soul Eater (Shadowlands Gladiator)
Swift Zulian Tiger
Big Love Rocket (TCG)
Whooly White Rhino (TCG)
Big Battle Bear (TCG)


NOTE: The account can be purchased without the Shaman for 2000 euros.

The account is in the hands of it's Original Owner and the email has NOT been changed since 2007.

Discord: JuicyAccounts#9125

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