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Hunter - 12x Rank 1 - Gladiator Mounts - PvP Enchants - Elite Sets - Tabards & Cloaks

Hunter - 12x Rank 1 - Gladiator Mounts - PvP Enchants - Elite Sets - Tabards & Cloaks

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Rank 1 Titles (Usable forever on the hunter):
Corrupted Gladiator
Cruel Gladiator
Demonic Gladiator
Dominant Gladiator
Dread Gladiator
Fearless Gladiator
Ferocious Gladiator
Fierce Gladiator
Notorious Gladiator
Sinful Gladiator
Vindictive Gladiator
Warmongering Gladiator

Gladiator Tabards - (In Bags):
Primal Gladiator Tabard
Prideful Gladiator Tabard
Fierce Gladiator's Tabard
Wild Gladiator's Tabard
Cruel Gladiator's tabard
Dominant Gladiator's tabard
Dread Gladiator's tabard
Ferocious Gladiator's tabard
Sinister Gladiator's tabard
Notorious Gladiator's tabard
Corrupted Gladiator's tabard
Dread gladiator's tabard
Demonic Gladiator's tabard

Gladaitor Cloaks - (In Bags):
Demonic gladiator's cloak
Dominant Gladiator's Cloak
Wild Gladiator's greatcloak
Notorious gladiator's cloak
fierce gladiator's cloak
Sinister gladiator's cloak
Corrupted Gladiator's cloak

Elite Sets - (In Bags):
Legion Season 3 & 4
Legion Season 1 & 2
Legion Season 5,6 and 7
Primal S16 (Shoulders, Belt & Gloves)
Prideful (Belt, Legs, Feet, Gloves & Shoulders)

PvP Enchants - (In Bags):
Glorious Tyranny (Red)
Primal Victory (Blue)

Mounts - (In Bags):
Sinful Gladiator's Soul eater
Unchained gladiator's soul eater
Big Blizzard Bear

Legendary bow Thori'dal, the star's fury - (In Bags)
Legion Mage Tower Artifact Appearances unlocked for all 3 specs


Discord: juicyaccounts

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