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Shaman - 2x Rank 1 - 5x Gladiator

Shaman - 2x Rank 1 - 5x Gladiator

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All items are in bags/earned:

R1 Titles & Achievements:
"Dread Gladiator" - BFA S1
"Sinful Gladiator" - SL S1

Corrupted Gladiator's Tabard
Notorious Gladiator's Tabard
Sinister Gladiator's Tabard
Dread Gladiator's Tabard
Sinful Gladiator's Tabard
Unchained Gladiator's Tabard
Tabard of Flame [TCG]
Tabard of the Lightbringer

Gladiator Cloaks:
Notorious Gladiator's Cloak
Sinister Gladiator's Cloak

FoS Achievements:
Dread Gladiator's Proto-Drake
Sinister Gladiator's Proto-Drake
Corrupted Gladiator's Proto-Drake

Cutting Edge: N'Zoth the Corruptor
Cutting Edge: Sire Denathrius

Discord: JuicyAccounts#9125

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