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Spectral Tiger - Magic Rooster - 2x Realm Firsts - T3 - 4x CM MoP - Elite sets

Spectral Tiger - Magic Rooster - 2x Realm Firsts - T3 - 4x CM MoP - Elite sets

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Achievements (16010):
Realm First! Magic Seeker (2008)
Realm First! Obsidian Slayer (2008)

[FoS only] Vengeful Nether Drake
[FoS only] Swift Nether Drake
[FoS only] Merciless Nether Drake
[FoS only] Brutal Nether Drake
[FoS only] Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm

Gladiator: Shadowlands season 2

Challenge Warlord: Gold
Challenge Conqueror: Gold

Collector's Edition: Dread Hatchling
Collector's Edition: Nibbles
Collector's Edition: Illidari Felstalker
Collector's Edition: Dread Raven
Collector's Edition: Lucky Quilen Cub

Titles (59) (% = procent of players that earned the title):
Obsidian Slayer (Realm first Sartharion 2008) - 0.37%
The Magic Seeker (Realm first Malygos 2008) - 0.38%
Soloist - 0.18%
Sword of the Primus - 2.16%
Arena Master - 1.4%
Champion of the Naaru - 7.35%
Hand of A'dal - 7.61%

Tier 3:
Priest (Missing bracers + head)
Rogue - Head, Legs, Boots

Challenge Mode Sets MoP (4):

Challenge Mode weapons:
ALL Weapons Unlocked

Elite sets:
Druid - Warmongering Gladiator's Dragonhide Set (WoD)
Cloth - Eternal Gladiator's Satin Armor (Shadowlands s4)

Timewarped set for Priest (Vestments of Blind Absolution)

Tabards (40):
Cosmic Gladiator's Tabard
Eternal Gladiator's Tabard
Unchained Gladiator's Tabard

Tabard of the Frost [TCG]
Tabard of the Arcane [TCG]
Tabard of Flame [TCG]

Illusions collected: 22

Mounts (215):
Swift Alliance Steed [Legacy] - 1.06%
Spectral Tiger [TCG] - 3.3%
Magic Rooster [TCG] - 2.67%
Brewfest Ram [Legacy] 1.18%
Amani War Bear [Legacy] - 3.2%
Swift Brewfest Ram
Swift Zhevra
Spectral Gryphon
Rivendare's Deathcharger
Blue Proto-Drake
Challenger's War Yeti (WoD CM)
4x Pandaren Phoenixes (MoP CM)
Discord: JuicyAccounts#9125
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