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  • Adam A.

    Love my account, still using my favorite mount everyday - The Zulian Tiger.

    Will most likely buy a character or two the upcoming months!

  • Youssef A

    Me and my cousin were looking for accounts with Scarab Lord mounts. Juicy did not have any in stock but we both got an account each within 2 weeks, we really appreciate this. Thank you.

  • Oliver T

    I bought 2 characters and some illusions, got it all the same day - Could not be happier.

    Thanks alot!

  • Sandra N

    I wanted to leave a nice review since JuicyAccounts helped me search for my favorite mount, the Love Rocket. I've been farming this for years and he still managed to get one unused in the bags of a Warlock, just within a couple of days.

    It means the world, thank you <3

  • Alexander L

    After getting scammed on a Corrupted Ashbringer (alot of money) - Juicy found me one lovely warrior with the sword and it felt really safe through the whole process. Next up - Icebane Set!

  • Andreas H

    Was going to buy a account but ended up buying a Magic Rooster unused in bags, not sure how but it happened. I got a good price so it was worth it.

    I will buy more in the future!

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